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Group for Folklore Dances “Svetlina” was established in the year 2006 by House of Culture “Svetlina” in Sofia, Bulgaria. The main aim of the group is to preserve and perform the authentic form of the dances. The repertoire includes dances from the numerous ethnographic regions of the country. They are performed in typical costumes, of which the group possesses a splendid collection, as well as in stylized costumes, following the current trend of folklore art in our country.

All the dances are performed under the accompany of traditional folklore music, popular and beloved Bulgarian melodies and songs with a different rhythm and the unique world famous Bulgarian measures.

Group for folkore dances “Svetlina” participates in many national competitions and celebrations and is bearer of a number of national diplomas and rewards. The group takes part also in a number of international concerts and visited with a great success International Folklore Festivals in Ohrid/Macedonia, Leptokarya/Greece, Edremit/Turkey, Negotino/Macedonia, Budapest/Hungary, Shanghai/China, Gwalior/India, Bohinj/Slovenia, Neos Marmaras/ Greece etc.

The dancers of the group sparkle and spread out inspiration by their performances, because all of them are united by the great magic and attraction of the Bulgarian folklore art, which touches the public and leaves an unforgettable memory of the common meeting.

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